May 26–28 2002


Please read the following information carefully in order to prevent problems and misunderstandings on site!

  • For all lectures and oral presentations computer projection for Power Point presentations or single/dual projection for 35mm slides will be available in each lecture room
  • No Laptops! Use of personal laptops for presentation will not be possible
  • Speakers are urged to save their presentation on 3.5"- Floppy disks, CD-ROM or on 100/250MB Zip disks (PC formatted)
  • PowerPoint formats up to and including Office 2000 are supported; Note: Office XP users, your presentations are in all probability compatible, but to avoid any problems we advise that you testrun your presentation on a PowerPoint 2000/or 97 system. OpenOffice 1.0 and StarOffice users should save their files as Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP type.
  • Please make sure, you have included all fonts, logos, pictures and movies
  • The PowerPoint presentations as the conventional slides should be handed in to the Speakers Service Center at least 4 hours before the session is scheduled, respectively the day before the morning sessions
  • Speakers will have the opportunity to check their presentations on PCs available in the Speakers Service Centre
  • For additional technical requests or questions please contact: robert.buehler@insel.ch



  • Poster Sessions - (Short) Poster Presentation Posters will be displayed in the poster rooms (Course Room 3 and CourseRoom 4) close to the Foyer (Exhibition Area) in front of the main lecture hall -- See map
  • Posters must be in the portrait format: Maximum height 120 cm; maximum width 90 cm.
  • Posters must be mounted on the assigned boards in the morning before 10:00 and must be taken down in the evening before 18:00.
  • There are two Poster Viewing Sessions:
    Session V, Monday May 27, 12:00-13:30 and
    Session X, Tuesday May 28, 12:00-13:30
  • The Posters are visited by guided tours with two chairpersons: The authors will be given three minutes to present their poster. There will then be two minutes for discussion.There will be 5 parallel-guided tours during each Poster Session.
  • A special Award Committee will assess the poster presentations