Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau of the Bernese Alps


May 26–28 2002

Final Scientific Program

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Session I: Physiology of Cerebral Hemodynamics
Session II: Acute Stroke
Session III: Ultrasound Contrast Media -- Flow, Perfusion and Tissue Imaging
Session IV: Functional Aspects of Arterial Wall Imaging -- IMT and Atherosclerosis
Session V: Poster Session
Session VI: Embolism -- Physics, New Developments and Results
Session VII: 20 Years of TCD Diagnosis and Monitoring of Cerebral Vasospasm -- History and the Future
Session VIII: Is there a Place for Cerebral Vasoreactivity Studies in Clincal Practice?
Session IX: Functional Methods (fTCD vs. fMRI)
Session X: Poster Session
Session XI: Cerebral Circulation Monitoring, Procedures and Protocols
Session XII: New Developments in Neurosonology

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Monday May 27, 2002   12:00 - 13:30
V: Poster Session

P-67 Diagnosis of Stenoses of The Proximal Vertebral Artery Using 2-D- and 3-D-color-coded-duplexsonography

G. Lammers, S. Poerwowidjojo, M. Mull, C. Klötzsch, Aachen

P-68 Carotid and Femoral Intima-media Thickness in Adult Patients Succesfully Operated for Aortic Coarctation

R. de Groot, J. Vriend, J. Kastelein, B. Mulder, Amsterdam

P-69 In-vivo Duplex Ultrasound of Carotid Stenosis Compared With Planimetric Measurements of the Corresponding Postmortem Specimens

G. Schulte-Altedorneburg, D. W. Droste, S. Felszeghy, L. Csiba, V. Popa, L. Módis, E. B. Ringelstein, Augsburg

P-70 Colour Duplex Scanning in Investigation of Children with Pathological Kinking of Internal Carotid Arteries

J. V. Smirnova, K. V. Smirnov, M. V. Sidor, Barnaul

P-71 A Parental History of Early Stroke is Independently and Specifically Associated with Early Carotid Bulb Arteriosclerosis

M. Sitzer, P. Jerrard-Dunne, D. A. Steckel, A. Buehler, S. von Kegler, H. S. Markus, Frankfurt

P-72 Internal Carotid Artery Angle of Origin -- A Novel Risk Factor for Early Carotid Atherosclerosis

M. Sitzer, D. Puac, A. Buehler, D. A. Steckel, S. von Kegler, H. S. Markus, Frankfurt

P-73 Evaluation of a Screening Protocol for Carotid IMT using a hand-held Ultrasonography Instrument

U. Schminke, R. Tang, J. H. Burkart, M. G. Bond, Greifswald

P-74 Thrombus in the Internal Carotid Artery Complicating an 'Unstable' atheromatous Plaque

F. Perren, L. Urbano, A. Rossetti, L. Von Segesser, P. A. Despland, J. Bogousslavsky, G. Devuyst, Lausanne

P-75 Ultrasonic Aspects of Common Carotid Artery Thrombus

J. M. de Bray, G. Devuyst, J. Boulliat, J. O. Fortrat, F. Dubas, A. Rossetti, J. Bogousslavsky, Lausanne

P-76 Acceleration of Thrombolysis in Acute Stroke Patients by TCCS Monitoring -- Case Reports

D. Skoloudik, M. Bar, P. Hradile, M. Häringova, Ostrava

P-77 Cag-A Positive Helicobacter Pylori Strains and IMT in Different Stroke Subtypes: a Possible Role in Progression of atherosclerotic Process

M. Diomedi, B. Rizzato, L. M. Cupini, A. Pietroiusti, F. Ferrante, M. Silvestrini, Roma

P-78 Carotid Intima-media Thickness in Healthy Koreans: is it Also Useful in Cerebrovascular Risk Assessment in Intracranial Disease Prone Population?

Y. J. Kim, K. D. Park, K. G. Choi, S. R. Han, S. B. Kho, H. G. Cho, G. B. Heo, Seoul

P-79 The Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project Classification Predicts for Symptomatic Occlusive Extracranial Carotid Disease

R. U. Esagunde, C.L.H.P. Chen, H. M. Chang, Singapore

P-80 b-Fibrinogen Gene Polymorphism (-455G/A) Is Mediated Inflammation Degree and Is Associated With Asymptomatic Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis

E. Ben-Assayag, I. Bova, D. Zeltser, S. Berliner, T. Nissel, S. Lorenz, M. Levkovski, I. Shapira, N. Bornstein, Tel Aviv

P-81 Differences in Cerebral Haemodynamics in Females with Migraine. TCD Study.

L. Khalilova, Y. Efendiev, Baku

P-82 The Transesophageal Echocardiography and Ischemic Stroke

D. Tavciovski, R. Raicevic, L. Markovic, T. Lepic, M. Cvejic, Belgrade

P-83 Effect of Antihypertensive Treatment on CO2 Reactivity of Cerebral Arterioles During Physical Exercise

T. Magyar, A. Valikovics, I. Czuriga, L. Csiba, Debrecen

P-84 Impaired Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation in Eclampsia?

E. Oehm, M. Reinhard, J. Spreer, C. Keck, T. Els, A. Hetzel, Freiburg

P-85 The Effects of Acute Smoke on the Cerebro-vascular System Are Different in Quotidian Versus Occasionally Smokers

V. Bohotin, C. Bohotin, D. Baltag, C. D. Popescu, Iasi

P-86 Cerebral Autoregulation in Patients With Migraine and Tension Headache

Z. Kazibutowska, A. Golba, A. Bal, A. Warsz-Wianecka, J. Machowski, Katowice

P-87 Estrogene-progesterone therapy Influence on Cerebral Blood Flow Disorders in Transcranial Color Doppler Measurements

E. Kudybka-Glownia, J. Siejka-Jurenczyk, Katowice

P-88 Changes in Basilar Artery Blood Flow in Patients with Syncope of Unknown Origin

Z. Kazibutowska, A. Golba, A. Bal, A. Warsz-Wianecka, J. Machowski, Katowice

P-89 Innovative Noninvasive Technology for Long - Term Cerebrovascular Autoregulation Monitoring

A. Ragauskas, G. Daubaris, V. Ragaisis, Kaunas

P-90 Cerebrovascular Reactivity to Visual Stimuli

M. Zaletel, B. Žvan, M. Štrucl, T. Pogacnik, Ljubljana

P-91 Effects of Nitrous Oxide on Cerebral Autoregulation During Sevoflurane anaesthesia. a Transcranial Doppler Study

D. G. Iacopino, A. Conti, C. Battaglia, L. Santamaria, F. Tomasello, Messina

P-92 L-arginine Improves Diminished Cerebral CO2 Reactivity in Patients

C. Zimmermann, R. Haber, München

P-93 Cerebral Vasomotor Instability Caused by the Decrease of Vessels Wall's Tone

G. Baltgaile, T. Timofejeva, Riga

P-94 TCD Finding of Basilar Occlusion in Patients Affected by Mild Aspecific Symptoms without Stroke

D. Bosone, S. Marcheselli, A. Cavallini, G. Giardini, G. Micieli, Turino

P-95 Investigation of Cerebrovascular Reactivity in Migraine With Aura and without Aura

J. Petrova, E. Vassileva, P. Shotekov, Sofia

P-96 Cerebral Autoregulation in Patients with Intracranial Aneurysms after Anesthesia Induction

V. B. Semenyutin, V. A. Aliev, V. V. Alexeev, G. A. Assaturyan, S. K. Sergienko, St. Petersburg

P-97 Study the Effect of Carbon Dioxide Pneumoperitoneum on the Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity Using Trans-cranial Doppler During Laparoscopic Surgery

C. Liu, H. Xie, H. Wu, Suzchou

P-98 Changes in Cerebrovascular Resistance After Head-up Tilt in Compensated and Decompensated Orthostatic Hypotension Patients

H. Y. Hsu, H. H. Hu, Y. C. Chen, P. Y. Wang, Taichung

P-99 Small vs. Large-vessel Stroke: is Cerebral Vasomotor Reactivity Different? Israeli-turkish Collaborative Study

A. Y. Gur, D. Gücüyener, N. Üzüner, G. Özdemir, A. D. Korczyn, N. M. Bornstein, Tel Aviv

P-100 Kinetics of CBF Autoregulation with Ageing

A. Pavy-LeTraon, M. C. Costes-Salon, G. Geraud, V. Larrue, Toulouse

P-101 Fractal Analysis of MCA Flow Velocity Fluctuations in Patients with Vasomotoric Disturbances

M. Glaubic-Latka, M. Latka, D. Latka, B. J. West, Wroclaw

P-102 The Possible Mechanisms of the Cerebral Blood Flow Changes in Hypokinesia Condition

A. H. Manukyan, Yerevan

P-103 Cerebrovascular Resistance During Acute Osmotic Blood-brain Barrier Disruption

J. M. McGregor, M. E. Miner, S. Bell, Zadar

P-104 Three Dimensional Ultrasound of the Vertebrobasilar System

I. Zavoreo, M. J. Kesic, A. Lovrencic-Huzjan, M. Roje Bedekovic, V. Demarin, Zagreb

P-105 Global Cerebral Circulation Time (CCT) Measured by Extracranial Doppler in Patients with Dementia

S. Schreiber, F. Doepp, E. Spruth, J. M. Valdueza, Berlin

P-106 Comparison of Platelet Function Analysis; Platelet Aggregation Tests and Microembolus Detection by Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound in Identification of ASA-nonresponder

S. Guhr, T. Blaser, K. Hofmann, G. Lutze, M. Goertler, Magdeburg

P-107 Reduced Risk of Recurrent Arterio-embolic TIA and Stroke is Related to Cessation of Embolic Signals After Antithrombotic Prevention

M. goertler, T. Blaser, S. Krueger, K. Hofmann, S. Guhr, C. W. Wallesch, Magdeburg

P-108 Cerebral Microembolism in Antiphospholipid Syndrome: an Indicator for Recent Arterial Ischemic Events

M. Buchkremer, J. Rademacher, T. Kahles, M. Sitzer, Frankfurt

P-109 Micro-embolic Signals and Carotid Plaque Morphology: a Study of 71 Patients with Moderate or High Grade Stenosis

I. Mayor, C. Fossati, E. P. Burkhard, R. Sztajzel, Geneva

P-110 TCD: is a Reduced Flow Velocity in the MCA Inducing Chronic Ischemia of the Watershed Region?

K. Minkner, R. Sztajzel, S. Wetzel, N. Dfouni, D. Rüfenacht, Geneva

P-111 Cluster Headache and Right-to-left Shunt on Trancranial Doppler

M. Del Sette, C. Finocchi, S. Angeli, A. L. Sugo, D. Rizzi, C. Gandolfo, Genova

P-112 Patients With prosthetic Heart Valves May Have Both Solid or Gaseous Microemboli Depending on the Number of Microemboli

G. A. Darbellay, P. Ruchat, V. Kemeny, T. Karapanayiotides, J. M. Vesin, C. Lucchesi, J. Bogousslavsky, P. A. Despland, G. Devuyst, Lausanne

P-113 Limits of Uncertainty on Measured Values of Embolus-to-blood Ratio Due to Doppler Sample Volume Shape and Location

E. L. Angell, D. H. Evans, A. R. Naylor, Leicester

P-114 Evaluation of Automatic Classification of Hits Based on Fundamental Tone Analysis

A. D. van Dijk, R. B. P. de Wilde, R. A. E. van der Rijken, E. F. Bruggemans, Leiden

P-115 Asymptomatic Carotid Emboli Study - (ACES)

M. Cullinane, H. S. Markus, London

P-116 On-line Automated Detection of Cerebral Embolic Signals from a Variety of Embolic Sources

S. Reihill, Z. Kaposzta, M. Cullinane, H. S. Markus, London

P-117 Cerebral Microembolic Signals Predicting Symptoms in Severe Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis

G. Orlandi, S. Fanucchi, A. Gelli, C. Sonnoli, S. Gallerini, F. Sartucci, Pisa

P-118 Embolic and Hemodynamic Mechanisms of Cerebral Ischemic Events in the Patients with Carotid Artery Disease

A. Kuznetsov, Y. Kolbin, A. Erofeev, M. Odinak, Y. Shevchenko, I. Voznyuk, St. Petersburg

P-119 Heterogeneity of Embolic Material in the Patients with Cardiac Sources of Cerebral Embolism

A. Kuznetsov, A. Lupeev, A. Prokofiev, V. Piriev, M. Odinak, Y. Shevchenko, St. Petersburg

P-120 Cerebral Microembolism During Heart Surgery With Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Membrane Oxygenation

A. Kuznetsov, A. Erofeev, M. Odinak, Y. Shevchenko, A. Mikhailenko, St. Petersburg

P-121 Detection and Characterization of Embolic Signals by Parametric Modeling

D. Kouamé, J. M. Girault, M. Biard, F. Patat, Tours

P-122 In Vitro Blood Flow and Cross-section Indexes Measured Using Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound

D. Russell, R. Brucher, Ulm

P-123 Ultrasound Diagnosis of Prevalence Asymptomatic Carotid Disease

V. Djajic, Z. Vujkovic, M. Kovacevic, M. Žikic, M. Arbutina, L. J. Preradovic, S. Miljkovic, D. Racic, Banjaluka

P-124 Trancranial Color Coded Duplex Sonography in Diagnosis of Stenosis/occlusio Intracranial Arteries

Z. Vujkovic, V. Djajic, M. Žikic, M. Arbutina, S. Miljkovic, D. Racic, Banjaluka

P-125 The Degree of Cerebral Atherosclerosis(CA) and Changes in Hemostatic System in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke(AIS)

R. Raicevic, S. Mandic-Radic, T. Lepic, V. Pesic, Markovic Lj, D. Tavciovski, Belgrade

P-126 The Corelation of Proteinuria, Ischemic Brain Disease (ibd) and Carotid atherosclerosis

R. Raicevic, S. Mandic-Radic, T. Lepic, L. Markovic, D. Tavciovski, N. Vukotic, Belgrade

P-127 A Concept for a Fuzzy Pattern-based Network for Medical Decision Support System in Early Treatment of Stroke

R. P. Hofmann, S. Bocklisch, A. Türk, B. Schmidt, J. J. Schwarze, J. Klingelhöfer, Chemniz

P-128 Aortic Dissection Presenting as an Acute Ischemic Stroke

K. Uchino, Z. Garami, S. Calleja, A. Estrera, A. V. Alexandrov, Houston

P-129 Spontaneus MCA Recanalization: Transcranial Doppler Findings in Patients with Acute Stroke in Carotid Territory

J. Salevic Obradovic, G. Obradovic, P. Nikic, S. Jotic, D. Arsic, Krusevac

P-130 Cerebrovascular Haemodynamic Mapping Using Colour Duplex Ultrasound In Subjects With Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis

S. M. Byrd, A. Zambanini, A. D. Hughes, S. A. McGThom, London

P-131 Influence of the Detection Time on the Relation between Persisting Embolic Signals After Secondary Prevention and Stroke Recurrence

T. Blaser, S. Guhr, K. Hofmann, S. Krueger, M. Goertler, Magdeburg

P-132 Correlation Between Tissue Oxygenation Index (TOI) and CBV: a Tool to Explore CBF

D. Bosone, D. Canova, S. Roatta, S. Marcheselli, M. Passatore, G. Micieli, Pavia

P-133 Diagonostic Accuracy of Transcranial Doppler in Hyperacute Stroke Compared to Urgent Angiography

Y. S. Lee, A. V. Alexandrov, Seoul

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Tuesday May 28, 2002   12:00 - 13:30
X: Poster Session

P-134 Cerebral Vasospasm -- More Frequent Following Endovascular Aneurysm Coiling?

R. Stendel, A. Schilling, T. Picht, A. Derdilopoulos, C. DaSilva, J. Heidenreich, T. Pietilä, M. Brock, Berlin

P-135 A Non-Linear Model for the Estimation of ICP from MCA Flow Velocity and Arterial Blood Pressure

B. Schmidt, S. Bocklisch, M. Päßler, M. Czosnyka, J. Schwarze, J. Klingelhöfer, Chemniz

P-136 Clinical and Ultrasound Findings After Percutaneous Transluminal Stent Angioplasty of the Internal Carotid Artery: a Mid-term Follow up

U. Becker, G. Gahn, S. Hallmeyer-Elgner, A. Mueller, D. Mucha, H. Reichmann, R. von Kummer, Dresden

P-137 Microvascular Doppler Ultrasonography Monitoring in Neurosurgical Procedures

R. Ghadirpour, M. Farneti, R. Zoppellari, A. Guberti, R. Padovani, Ferrara

P-138 Cerebral Autoregulation Monitoring by Transcranial Doppler During Liver Transplantation

A. Arrigo, G. Ardizzone, G. Brusa, M. Messina, C. Siani, G. A. Ottonello, Genova

P-139 Cerebral Autoregulation During anaesthesia in Cirrhotics Patients: a Transcranial Doppler Study

A. Arrigo, G. Ardizzone, G. Brusa, E. Riccò, C. Siani, G. A. Ottonello, Genova

P-140 Early Detection of Hyperperfusion Syndrome (HS) by Daily Transcranial Doppler Investigation (TCD) During Day 0-4 After Carotid Endarterectomy (cea)

A. Schaafsma, L. vdVeen, J. P. M. Vos, Groningen

P-141 Monitoring of Cerebral Blood Flow with Power Mode Doppler TCD During Retrograde Cerebral Perfusion

Z. Garami, A. Estrera, R. Sheinbaum, S. Calleja, O. Chernyshev, K. Uchino, M. Malkoff, A. V. Alexandrov, H. Safi, Houston

P-142 Microembolusdetection in Patients With Fabry's Disease - further Support for the Primarily Microangiopathic Origin of Early Cerebrovascular Symptoms

M. A. Ritter, R. Dittrich, D. W. Droste, Münster

P-143 B-mode and Color-coded Duplex Sonography of The Optic Nerve and of the Central Retinal Vessels in Optic Neuritis

U. Walter, U. Kirchhoff, V. Hingst, U. K. Zettl, R. Guthoff, R. Benecke, Rostock

P-144 The Study of Intracerebral Aneurysms by Using Transcranial-Color-Doppler

S. Sanguigni, C. Paci, T. Carboni, R. Gobbato, G. Malferrari, F. Accorsi, G. Galletti, G. Landini, L. Curatola, San Benedetto del Tronto

P-145 Microvascular Doppler Monitoring in Surgery of Superficial Arteriovenous Malformations

V. B. Semenyutin, P. I. Nikitin, B. B. Govorov, St. Petersburg

P-146 A Pilot Study of Preoperative Transcranial Doppler Examinations to Predict Cerebral Hyperperfusion Following Carotidendarterectomies

R. W. M. Keunen, H. W. Nijmeijer, D. L. J. Tavy, R. C. Edelenbos, E. B. Muskens, C. M. S. Bruijnincks, J. C. Sier, C. J. Stam, The Hague

P-147 Vestibular Caloric Stimulation Causes Prevailing Activation of the Right Hemisphere

M. Rosenkranz, U. Sonnemann, D.  Burkhardt, W. D. Niesen, W.  Zangemeister, C.  Weiller, U. Sliwka, Hamburg

P-148 Cerebral Hemodynamics and Bioelectrical Brain Activity in Patients after Uterine Extirpation with Adnexa.

M. R. Bekouzarova, T. A. Adyrkhaev, V. V. Brodgenko, Moskau

P-149 Functional Significance of Afferent Vessels of Cerebral Arteriovenous malformations: Intraoperative Assessment

V. B. Semenyutin, P. I. Nikitin, I. M. Bukhaev, V. V. Alexeev, S. K. Sergienko, St. Petersburg

P-150 Co-relation Between Transcranial Doppler Sonography, Calory Test of Vestibularis and Electronistamography in Case of Vertebro Balisar Insufficiency

J. Ðelilovic, V. Demarin, H. Loncarevic, S. Žarkovi, Zagreb

P-151 Ultrasound Imaging of Atlas Loop of Vertebral Artery

M. V. Sidor, K. V. Smirnov, J. V. Smirnova, Barnaul

P-152 UltrasonographIC Measurement of Global Cerebral Blood Volume in Healthy Adults

F. Doepp, S. Schreiber, J. M. Valdueza, Berlin

P-153 Can be Useful Trans-cranial-color-Doppler to Confirm a Rare Case of Right Sided Temporal Lobe Variant of Fronto-Temporal Dementia (FTD)?

S. Sanguigni, C. Paci, T. Carboni, R. Gobbato, G. Malferrari, F. Accorsi, L. Curatola, San Benedetto del Tronto

P-154 Impaired Visually Evoked Response in Posterior Cerebral Artery in Patients with Advanced Carotid Stenosis or Occlusion

M. Roje-Bedekovic, A. Lovrencic-Huzjan, M. Bosnar-Puretic, V. Demarin, Zagreb

P-155 Three Dimensional Ultrasound of the Plaque Ulceration

M. J. Kesic, A. Lovrencic-Huzjan, I. Zavoreo Husta, V. Demarin, Zagreb

P-156 Is Ultrasound Safe When Applied Parallel with Thrombolysis?

G. Panczel, V. Kemeny, P. Bönöczk, Z. Nagy, Budapest

P-157 Ultrasound and tPA Enhanced Thrombolysis: Influence of Ultrasound Frequency and Pulse Length

A. Voie, D. Amory, J. Amory, M. Moehring, M. P. Spencer, Seattle

P-158 Cerebral Hemodynamics in Leucoaraiosis, Redundant Internal Carotid Artery and Normal Aged

A. Berchio, G. Ottone, C. Valenzano, Turino

P-159 Usefulness of Color-coded Duplex Sonography for an Assessment of Infantile Hydrocephalus

A. Cerniauskaite, J. Valaikiene, V. Basys, Vilnius

P-160 The Changes in Catecholamine Metabolism in The Brain and Heart Tissues Under the Condition of Hypokinesia

V. P. Hakopyan, V. H. Karapetyan, O. P. Sotsky, Yerevan

P-161 Second Harmonic Imaging and Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Assess Perfusion of High-grade Gliomas

J. U. Harrer, MD, W. Möller-Hartmann, C. Klötzsch, Aachen

P-162 Transcranial Sonography of the Substantia Nigra in Patients with Parkinson`s Disease

L. Niehaus, N. Savyer, R. Hertel, C. H. Nolte, Berlin

P-163 Contrast Burst Depletion Imaging (CODIM): a New Method for Semi-quantitative Ultrasonic Perfusion Imaging

J. Eyding, W. Wilkening, M. Reckhardt, G. Schmid, S. Meves, H. Ermert, H. Przuntek, T. Postert, Bochum

P-164 Internal Jugular Valves Incompetence: A Study Using Air-Contrast Ultrasonography on General Population

N. Maalikjy-Akkawi, C. Agosti, B. Borroni, L. Rozzini, M. Magoni, M. L. Colleoni, L. A. Vignolo, A. Padovani, Brescia

P-165 Estimation of non-invasive Cerebral Perfusion Pressure using Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography during infusion test

E. A. Schmidt, M. Czosnyka, Z. Czosnyka, S. Momjian, J. D. Pickard, Cambridge

P-166 Web-based Interactive Database System For the Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound Laboratory

M. Gorman, B. Jacobs, S. Levine, K. Agee, R. Carhuapoma, J. Kraus, R. Madhavan, M. Castellanos, Detroit

P-167 Functional Transcranial Doppler (fTCD): Demonstration of Its Clinical Use by Introducing a Control System Approach for Evaluation

B. Rosengarten, A. Dost, M. Kaps, Giessen

P-168 ADBF Technology for Non-invasive Real-time ICA Volume Blood Flow Measurements

D. Manor, O. Hornick, J. F. Soustiel, Hod Hasharon

P-169 On The Variability of Micro-embolic Signal Features For Repeated Same-embolus Measurements, and on Background Speckles Variance

C. Lucchesi, G. Darbellay, V. Kemény, J. M. Vesin, G. Devuyst, G. Dietler, Lausanne

P-170 Ambulatory Transcranial Doppler Monitoring

A. D. Mackinnon, R. Aaslid, H. S. Markus, London

P-171 Particulate Microembolic Signal Signature Evaluated with a Customized Radiofrequency Based Analysis

W. H. Mess, J. M. Willigers, R. G. A. Ackerstaff, A. P. G. Hoeks, Maastricht

P-172 Assessment of Temporal Bone Beam Distortion When Using Multifrequency Doppler to Differentiate Cerebral Microemboli

R. Brucher, D. Russell, Oslo

P-173 Risk Factors of Plague Width in Carotid Bifurcation.

M. Bar, D. Skoloudik, O. Skoda, D. Vaclavik, P. Hradilek, K. Simickova, Ostrava

P-174 New Way of Visualizing of the Blood Flow: B-flow Sonography of the Cervical Main Arteries (Comparative Study)

L. Németh, K. Hiramatsu, C. Mihara, J. Nikl, T. Shima, Zalaegerszeg

P-175 Is Transcranial Doppler a Suitable Technique for Leukoaraiosis Evaluation?

R. M. Sánchez-Perez, J. M. Moltó-Jordà, J. Carneado, L. Castaño, C. Díaz-Marín, R. Hernández-Lorido, Alacant

P-176 Risk Factors Associated to either Intracraneal or Extracranial Stenosis: Are they so Different?

S. Bustos, J. M. Moltó-Jordà, J. Carneado, T. Frutos, V. Medrano, L. Castaño, R. Sánchez, R. Hernández-Lorido, R. Mañes, Alacant

P-177 Ultrasonographic Assessment of Global Cere­bral Circulation Time (CCT), Total Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) and Cerebral Blood Volume (CBV) in a Patient with Diffuse Cerebral Angiomatosis

S. J. Schreiber, F. Doepp, A. Bender, J. M. Valdueza, Berlin

P-178 Pseudotumor Cerebri (PTC) After Unilateral Radical Neck Dissection (RND) - a Case Report

F. Doepp, S. Schreiber, G. Benndorf, A. Radtke, J. Gallinat, J. M. Valdueza, Berlin

P-179 TranscranialcolorDoppler (TCCD) For Detection of Middle Cerebral Artery (MCA) and Vertebrobasilar (V-B) Stenosis

G. Malferrari, F. Accorsi, Bologna

P-180 Pulsatile Tinnitus: Detection of Dural Arteriovenous Fistula of the Transverse-sigmoid Sinus with Duplex Ultrasound

R. Lagos, L. Fernández, S. Blanco, U. Nobo, S. Ameriso, Buenos Aires

P-181 Rapid Progression of Radiation-induced Carotid Artery Disease Assessed by Carotid Duplex Ultrasound

R. Lagos, L. Fernández, S. Blanco, U. Nobo, S. Ameriso, Buenos Aires

P-182 Stroke: Neurosonologic Findings in an Under 45 Years Population

I. Mendes, I. Henriques, C. Barata, L. Rebocho, A. Talhinhas, T. Tribolet-Abreu, Evora

P-183 Stroke and Neurosonologic Findings: Comparison of a Younger with an Older Population

I. Mendes, I. Henriques, C. Barata, L. Rebocho, A. Talhinhas, T. Tribolet-Abreu, Evora

P-184 The Influence of Severe Extra- and Intracranial Artery Disease on Bold Signal in Functional MRI

F. Hamzei, R. Knab, C. Weiller, J. Röther, Hamburg

P-185 Carotid Endarterectomy and Cognition: Does Cerebral Perfusion Pressure Have a Role?

L. Soinne, I. Tikkala, J. Helenius, E. Saimanen, O. Salonen, M. Hietanen, P. J. Lindsberg, E. Lehtonen-Smeds, K. Nuotio, M. Kaste, Helsinki

P-186 Intima-media Complex of Carotid Arteries as a Risk Factor of Alzheimer's Disease

S. Ochudlo, G. Opala, Z. Kalina, B. Jasinska-Myga, A. Gorzkowska, Katowice

P-187 Assessment of Intracerebral Hemodynamic and Brain Electrical Activity in Patients with Transitory Ischemic Attack.

V. Yavorskaya, O. Mashkin, Kharkiv

P-188 Common Carotid Artery Volume Flow Rates in Carotid Endarterectomy Patients: Color Velocity Imaging-Quantification Technique

J. Lee, J. Hong, Koyang-Shi

P-189 The Resistance Index in Small and Large Vessel Disease

D. Vaclavik, D. Skoloudik, Ostrava

P-190 TranscranialcolorDoppler (TCCD) for Detection of Basilar Steal (BS)

F. Accorsi, G. Malferrari, V. Arienti, Regio Emilia

P-191 Correlation of Transcranial Temporal Windows With Temporal Bone Thickness and Density Measure on CT Scan

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P-192 Temporal Bone Windows in a Mixed Asian Stroke Population -- a Transcranial Doppler Study

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P-193 Vertebrobasilar Disease: a Duplex Sonography Study in Singapore Stroke Patients

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P-194 Transcranial Color-coded Duplex Sonography in the Detection of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysm

J. Petrova, E. Vassileva, P. Shotekov, Sofia

P-195 Multiple Regression Models of Combined Duplex Criteria for Detecting Threshold Carotid Stenosis and Predicting the Exact Degree of Carotid Stenosis

C. S. Hwang, K. M. Liao, C. H. Tegeler, Taipei

P-196 Blood Flow Volume Measurement in Common Carotid Artery Can Predict Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis

L. Lien, C. Hwang, P. Reynolds, C. Tegeler, Taipei

P-197 Ultrasonic Evaluation of Vertebral Venous Valves

A. C. Chao, C. H. Chou, H.-H. Hu, Taipei

P-198 Dual Origin of Vertebral Arteries Diagnosed by Sonography

A. C. Chao, H.-H. Hu, Taipei

P-199 'ATYPICAL' TCD Patterns in Vertebobasilar System Correlated with Vascular Imaging Findings. Report of Two Cases.

B. Bruk, M. Bakun, D. Tanne, M. Hadani, Tel Hashomer


C. Lund, R. Lundblad, K. Sundet, B. Tennoe, R.Brucher, E. Fosse, D.Russell, Oslo

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