Bern, May 26–28, 2002

Ceremonies & Coffee Breaks

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Opening and Registration

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 Opening Ceremony


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 Opening Ceremony


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 Coffee Breaks



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 Closing Ceremony



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In the open source Mozilla 1.0 browser (available as free download for Window, Linux, etc. from mozilla.org) you can at least get a good view of the image by using the Print Preview and adjusting the Scaling (to 30% or 40%) and the format to Landscape or Portrait, but unfortunately, printing does not come out well. LAST MINUTE UPDATE: In the newest Mozilla Browser download (as of today June 6 -- Version 1.0) the actual Print functions ok -- Browser Recommended!


Preferably, you may download (and save) the image, and use another program for printing it. If you are new to digital photography and don't have Photoshop or other specialized photo processing software, you can still use other common programs for this purpose:


In Microsoft Word use: Insert | Picture | From File. You can size the picture by holding down the Shift key (to maintain aspect ratio) and dragging a corner. It is also possible to arrange multiple pictures on a page before printing them. If you have an inkjet printer, be sure to use click Properties and adjust the Quality to High before printing. Microsoft Publisher and Adobe PageMaker are also good general use programs for sizing, arranging and printing photographs.