May 26–28, 2002

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Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau of the Bernese Alps

May 29 - June 5 - 2002

Memorabilia: The Congress is just over, but its moments of scientific progress and friendship lives on. We have posted an extensive Picture Gallery of its many events and scenes.

May 16 - 2002

Accommodation: We have received some inquiries regarding affordable places to stay overnight in Bern, and have listed some possibilities on the Hotel Reservation page.

May 11 - 2002

Special Meetings and Symposium: A new page lists the meetings of various committees and study groups that will be organized during the congress. A special symposium on a new ultrasound imaging technique will also be organized.

Tutorials: The participants in the tutorials can register for the entire congress at the tutorials venue (Educational Building). Note that the opening time of the registration desk (participants of the tutorials only) has been extended on Sunday, May 26; the correct time is: 07:00 -- 09:00. You may also register on Saturday between 12:00 and 15:00.

Chairpersons and Keynote Speakers: If you plan on participating in the Gala Dinner, and have not already checked the appropriate item on the registration form, please let us know as soon as possible because we need to make reservations.

Registration Fee: If you have registered for the congress, and forgotten to send the registration fee, we recommend that you send this by bank transfer (see registration form) at your earliest convenience. If not received, the on-site registration fee will apply.

May 8 - 2002

Abstracts: A number of abstracts from Keynote Speakers have been received and are now posted. Use the links in the Scientific Program to browse them.

Special Report: A Special Report with highlights from the 11th ESC meeting in Geneva, 2002, will be presented at the end of the Scientific program.

April 29 - 2002

The full Index of Authors -- referenced to Sessions is now posted

Abstracts: To enable participants to prepare for the Congress, we have indexed all abstracts on this website. The links on the Poster -, and Scientfic Program pages will take you directly to the abstracts.

Special Guest Lecture: We are pleased to announce that Prof. Michael A. Moskowitz from Boston will give a special guest lecture on Sunday afternoon.

April 27 - 2002

The final Scientific Program -- including all platform presentation is now posted.

Tutorial registrations have now reached the maximum number planned for: Unfortunately we cannot accept more participants in the tutorials because of the space available and the number of teachers / instruments allocated.

April 11 - 2002

Abstracts: The Abstract Acceptance Page has now been posted and include all accepted presentations. Note that the assignments to oral/poster have not yet been completed, this will follow as soon as the program has been finalized.

Tutorials: Registrations for the tutorials have almost reached the number planned for:If yu are planning on attending one or both of these, we recommend registration as soon as possible since there are only a few places left.

March 21 - 2002

Abstracts: When the deadline expired, a total of 182 abstracts had been received. These are now being processed (blinded and converted to PDF format), and will be sent to our Scientific Reviewers early next week. In previous communications, it was stated that the acceptance of abstacts would be posted on this website by April 26. Because of popular demand, we shall now try to post the results by April 18. -- So come back here, and follow the link to the Abstract Acceptance Page.

Scientific Program: The sequence of the Sessions has been changed slightly, and titles of most of the Keynote Presentations have been finalized. Moreover, chairs have been assigned for all the sessions. Click here to see the changes.

February 20 - 2002

Preliminary Program:  The paper version of the Preliminary Program has been sent out. It is also available as a download in printable Adobe Acrobat format here (prelimprogram.pdf - 2.4MB)
Note: If you would like to download this file and print it later (instead of showing it in a plug-in) use the right-click procedure described here.

January 25 - 2002

Scientific Program:  Names of Keynote Speakers have been included in the Preliminary Program.

Social Program: We have received some requests for the definition of Formal Dress as applicable to certain Congress Events. Well, you don't have to bring your Tuxedo ;-) ... a coat and tie will do -- but again the interpretation is left to the individual, and nobody will be be thrown out.

January 15 - 2002

A new page with General Information has been added to the website.

Important Message: The deadlines for abstract submission and early registration have been extended to March 15, 2002.

Congress Registration:  The Congress Registration Form is now available for download here. Note that there are some recent changes on the Hotel Form as well as on the Abstract Submission Form. If you have not submitted these forms already, please use the newest versions.
A complete forms package is also available for download here (forms.zip - 23kB) -- it requires the WinZip utility for extraction.

December 27 - 2001

Scientific Program:  The Preliminary Program and the "Program-at-a-Glance" have been posted and are available here. The Tutorial Program is also posted in more detail here.
Congress Venue:  A new web-page of the congress venues has been created, you can now access maps and pictures of the various locations here.


Bubenbergrain ("Bowäger"), a walkway you can use from Bern Innenstadt down to Matte when joining us at the Get Together Party.

December 10 - 2001

Social Events:  This part of the program is now finalized. On the first day of congress, the Get Together Party will be arranged at the Cinématte in the old Matte 'quartier' down on the banks of the Aare river. (See picture to the right). Until present, the crafty inhabitants of the Matte have communicated in a (secret) language of their own, dubbed Matteaenglish, stemming from the old traditions of the boating trade on the river.
     The Reception will take place in the venerable town hall (Rathaus) in the old city.
     A Gala Dinner is also planned on the last day of the congress, before the European Stroke Conference starts the next day in Geneva. If you plan to participate in both meetings, it might be a good idea to stay overnight in Bern, as the hotels are more affordable here -- and enjoy a good Closing Gala Dinner at the famous Casino Bern Restaurant. For more information on the planned Social Events click here.

Sept. 28 - 2001

Hotel Reservation:  As mentioned below, we strongly recommend early hotel reservation, since there is a major event at the same time in the Berne Region. However, we want to stress that the Organization Committee has pre-booked a large number of single and double bed rooms in different price categories and in different hotels of the city. These hotels are all within walking distance of the Congress Venue.
     These pre-booked beds/rooms are only available, however,  to persons participating in the meeting if they use the official Hotel Reservation Form, which can be downloaded here

Sept.13 - 2001

The official website of the meeting: http://www.neurosonology2002.ch/ is now active. Abstract and hotel reservation forms are also available for download. We strongly recommend pre-reservation of hotel as there is a major national exhibition in the Three Lakes Region close to Bern. This event starts at May 15 and continues throughout the summer.

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The Local Organizing Committee -- click to enlarge

Feb. 2 - The Local Organizing Committee: Standing (L-R): Arnold, Nyffeler, Aaslid, Sturzenegger, Höllinger, Bühler; Sitting: Loher, Hostettler, Herrmann, Nedeltchev. In the middle: The "UrDoppler" -- the first TCD machine -- still in use in this laboratory. (Click on picture to enlarge - 45kB)